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Florida Kickboxing Academy
West Palm Beach, FL

Asa Ten Pow
Florida Kickboxing Academy
7655 Enterprise DR. Suite A6
West Palm Beach, FL 33409 USA
www.FloridakickboxingAcademy.Com We have been in business Since 2015
We teach Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing , Boxing

All of FKA instructors have extensive time in there specific field, through . competition, years of knowledge from accredited teachers, assistant training

My business partner and I decided we wanted to have our own place to come train and teach after bouncing around other gyms and establishing programs for other schools. It was time to do it for ourselves.

We currently have a pro fighters and amateur fighters at FKA. The ones with most experience are Luis ‘Savage” Morales, Stephen “battlertoad” Bobinchuck And Joe “peculiar” Mueller. They are decorated amateur champions and currently making there names in the pro ranks

Accountability, Discipline, Hard work, Strong mind, focus, determination, consistency

I think right now there are a lot of factors at play past and present since we have been established, we try to be immersed across the board in our respective sport and we continue to learn and get better through our trials in them. We are constantly embracing/seeking growth in positive ways that can help our community of people be successful in sport or life.

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