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5 Points Academy Athletic
New York, NY

Gym of the Month

Main Trainers: Steve Milles, Simon Burgess

Gym Name: Five Points Academy

Address: 148 Lafayette Street

City:New York City State: New York Zip: 10013 Country: USA

Gym Phone: 212-226-4474

Gym Email: info@AcademyFivePoints.com / Gym Website: AcademyFivePoints.com

How long has this gym been in business? 17 Years

What arts are taught? Muay Thai, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Workshop BJJ), Judo, StrongFirst Strength Training and Conditioning

1. Tell us a little about the background and experience of your instructor(s).
Simon and Steve have been active in the US muay Thai scene since the mid-1990s, first as fighters, then as coaches. All of our instructors are active or former fighters who have come up through our academy. We like to keep it in the family.

2. Tell us about the origins of the gym.
Simon and Steve were training with former WKA World Champion Edge Brown (now in San Francisco) when he got a call to teach “kickboxing” classes at an independent New York gym. The program grew in popularity as the gym expanded (producing fighters and a dedicated following), and when it went public (and corporate) in 2002, we decided to open a dedicated muay thai academy.

3. Who are your best fighters? Any champions?
We’ve been fortunate to have a long line of dedicated fighters, many of whom have won titles. A few, and some of their more significant accolades:
Emily Bearden: 2x WKA Professional World Champion, 2003 Silver Medalist at WKA World Championships, IFMA US Team 2004, WKA US Champion
Rima Sidhu: 2003 Silver Medalist at WKA World Championships, WKA US Champion Brandice Peltier: USKA Champion, TBA Champion
Gianna Smith: 2017 Gold Medalist IFMA PanAms, IFMA US Team 2017, 2x USKA Champion
Julie Cohen: 2019 Silver Medalist (two division) at WKA World Championships

Alma Vicencio: 2019 Gold Medalist (two division) at WKA World Championships, 2019 TBA Open Champion, IFMA US Team 2019
Greg Rowe: 2011 Gold Medalist at WKA World Championships, 2013 TBA Open Champion
Gaius Ebratt: 2013 TBA Open Champion, 2x TBA US Champion, 2x WKA Regional Champion
Giovanny Mercado: 2014 IKF Classic Champion, USKA Champion
Dillan Joucoo: 2019 TBA Open Champion, USMTA Champion, 2016 WKA Tournament Champion (two division)

4. What training methods do you use to train your fighters?
We follow a fairly traditional Thai-style training system with our students: drills, pad work, clinch work, bag work, technical sparring, and occasional harder sparring. Our primary focus is on getting everyone’s technique consistently sharper.

5. What makes your gym unique?
Both the head trainers and the rest of the coaching staff stay current and inspired by investing in their continuing education: training in Thailand, attending workshops and certifications. We also bring over active Thai trainers to work with our students for several months every year. With that sort of instruction by experienced and dedicated professionals, our classes educate and inspire students from beginners through experienced enthusiasts and up to world champions. Five Points Academy promotes an supportive, team-oriented environment that is dedicated and serious... but always fun!

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