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MVJ Athletic
Newark, DE

Main Trainer: Professor Greg Pritchett Jr

Gym Name: Modern Vee Jitsu Athletics Training Center Inc

Address: 705 Dawson Dr.

City: Newark

State: DE

Zip: 19173

Country: USA

Gym Phone: 302-861-6350

Gym Email: mvjclubde@gmail.com

Gym Website: www.mvjathletics.com

How long has this gym been in business?

What arts are taught?
Boxing, kickboxing & Muay Thai. Our Foundation is Modern Vee-Jitsu

Additional Information
“We are not a gym we are an educational/training facility that trains warriors on many levels”.

1. Tell us a little about the background and experience of your instructor(s). My personal background in the martial arts is
simply this I was an amateur and professional sanshou fighter. I have had many accomplishments as a martial artistand a fighter but nothing compares to the accomplishments I have achieved as a professor. I say professor because anyone can be labeled as a coach. I was once anassistant basketball coach and I was never a good basketball player nor had I ever played on a basketball team. I have dedicated over 30 years into my martial arts and over 15
years helping to cultivate others through martial arts. Every year we have ever taken anyone to a national level have come out with champions. Champions in golden gloves, Wka championships, sanshou/sanda championships and more. All my growing up I wanted to become an electrician during my time laid off from work as an electrician I discover my love for teaching and I never looked back. It has never been about money because with martial arts I am rich without money. I have not worked or slaved since I started making a difference in others. My son Sensei Greg Pritchett 3rd has been training since he could walk. As a single father and fighter I didn't have the luxury of dropping my kids off for sports or dance classes. They learn to fight and they trained 5-7 days a week for atlas a good 14-16 years of their lives. My sons and Daughters are all ranked and have all learned to fight and teach. My son the Sensei helps me run MVJ help is hands on with just about every fighter that comes through. Coach/Kru Kritsina Lafferty is a Professional Muay Thai fighter and am exceptional Muay Thai coach who has many years of training and fighting as well as fighting on Team Quest in Thailand for over a year

2. Tell us about the origins of the gym.
When my gym first opened It was the School of Chinese Kickboxing and Later the Chinese Kickboxing kung fu academy. During this time I started training hard in Modern Vee-Jitsu which is the deadly aspect of the veejitsu jujitsu system oof systems created by the Late supreme grand master professor florendo M visitation (Professor Vee). The first Modern Vee Jitsu club started at CW Post Long Island University by Professor Kenn Brown in 1979. Among that first class of students was a young warrior and basketball star a young Robert Evans who later became a student of Professor Vee. Robert Evans, now Grand Master Dr. Robert Evans later became the sole heir of the Modern Vee Jitsu system and is My instructor. Dr Evans being a former professional basketball player and fighter himself told me with my background as a fighter and my reinforced foundation with Modern veejitsu that he would begin teaching me how to develop and explosive high quality stable of champions by adding the plyometric training and core principles and concepts of the Modern Vee jitsu

3. Who are your best fighters? Any champions?
Gregg Pritchett 3rd WKA National and worlds
Zak Kelly Kickboxing and MMA Champion
Luis Hernandez and Enrique Hernandez - Golden Gloves

David Bonilla - Kickboxing Champion
Greg Cephas - kickboxing champion
Mike Legg - Kickboxing Champion
Rich Legg - Kickboxing and MMA Champion
Taurian Mcleod - WKA Kickboxing Champion
Kamarah Pasley WKA Kickboxing champion
Hopeton stewart - WKA, MMA Champion
Ryan Casey - MMA Champion
Collin Abremewicz - WKA Kickboxing Champion
Deauntre Smith -WKA Kickboxing Champion
Jobe Lee - kickboxing Champion
Fatmia Scott - Kickboxing Champion
Brandon Mullins - Golden Gloves now Pro fighter
Zyare Britt - Golden Gloves
Nelson Vasquez - MMA Champion
David Murray - Golden Gloves Runner up and pro boxer
Ornella Sathoud - Golden Gloves, WKA kickboxing and Muay Thai
Schmelle Baldwin - Golden Gloves and Pro Boxer
Jason Stephens - Wka kickboxing champion
Zack Chick - Golden Gloves
Adonis Wilkins - Golden Gloves
Gabriel White - Golden Gloves Champion
Emelyn Shea - Golden Gloves

4. What training methods do you use to train your fighters?
Our training methods are based around the core aspects of Modern Vee jitsu. We train as martial artist and as family not as a gym. We as the explosiveness of plyometrics and and th conditioning of Modern veejitsu. Our combinations and fighting methods come from the MVJ systems and art taught in a way to learn  to break down the human anatomy within the rules of the sport.

5. What makes your gym unique?
What make us unique is simple, its Modern Vee Jitsu! Anyone can come in and join the boxing or kickboxing classes but not everyone can join Team MVJ or The MVJ Club. There are tryouts for Team MVJ and a vetting process for The MVJ Club. These two clubs are our most prestigious classes but the training you get in any class is intense nonetheless.

What is Vee-Jitsu?
Vee-Jitsu is a self-defense system that incorporates the main aspects of several different martial arts systems in a fluid manner. it focuses on the destruction of the human anatomy using blade stick and firearm.

What is Modern Vee Jitsu?
Modern Vee Jitsu is the lethal aspects of the entire veejitsu jujitsu system of systems combined.

What is Modern Vee Jitsu Athletics?
Modern Vee Jitsu Athletics is the use of the Modern Vee Jitsu training Systems and their disciplines to improve the athletics of those who wish to master
sports and other forms of exercise and competition.

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