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Ardons Sweet Science Gym

Main Trainer: Greg Ardon

Gym Name: Ardons Sweet Science Gym

Address: 861 4th Ave

City: Brooklyn

State: NY

Zip: 11232

Country: USA

Gym Website: Ardonsweetsciencegym.com

How long has this gym been in business?

13 years.

What arts taught there?

Mauy Thai, boxing, fitness conditioning.

1. Tell us a little about the background and experience of your instructor(s).

We have pro MMA, pro boxing and pro Mauy Thai fighter Villi Bello as one of our main trainers. we also have pro MMA fighter Alex Davyov.

2. Tell us about the origins of the gym.

The gym was started in 2005 from scratch with only a few students...13 years later we have achieved many lasting impressions in the fight community through skilled fighters that have come out of our gym.

3. Who are your best fighters?

Kemar Lindsey, Eric and Castro, Villi Bello, Nikko Shega, and Armen Marchabid.

Any champions?

Kemar is the current Friday night fights welterweight champion and fighter Armen Marchabid was recently a championship boxing contest winner.

4. What training methods do you use to train your fighters? What makes your gym unique?

What makes Ardon's Sweet Science Gym unique is the incorporation of boxing into Muay Thai training, which many gyms do not do, this creates a more well-rounded training with physical fitness being key.

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