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Rami Elite
Philadelphia, PA

Gym Name: Rami Elite

Head trainer: Rami Ibrahim

Gym Address:
7249 Rising Sun Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19111

Rami Elite website

Rami Elite Facebook

The WKA Gym of the month is Rami Elite based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Established 10 years ago in January of 2007, Rami Elite has a core training foundation in Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Ju Jit Su.

Boasting a robust curriculum with an all star cast of trainers to hone the skills of newcomers to the world of martial arts, Master trainer Rami Ibrahim has 25 years of experience in martial arts, having ammassed an impressive 12 title wins and achieving the accolade of being the only fighter recognized as a world champion in three different Muay Thai divisions.

Alongside Ibrahim, Ron Zimmerman with 21 years of training is one of 4 instructor in Muay Thai at Rami Elite.

Muay Thai training is also facilitated by Daniel Diaz. With 10 recognized Muay Thai title wins and being a former 2 time Gold Medal winner.

Rounding out the Muay Thai training team is 15 time Muay Thai champion Ahmad Ibrahim.

The origins of Rami Elite gym lie in Powerhouse gym Philly where master trainer Rami Ibrahim began training 10 years ago. “Powerhouse was our base 10 years ago...within six months I had several students training under me out of Powerhouse...we were able to move to a new gym which is when Rami elite was born on January 2nd, 2007.

Some of the notable success stories out of Rami Elite gym include Jack Quiles. At the age of 8 years old this competitor has proven he has all of the tools to be a future champion in our sport.

Rami Elite also touts some notable warriors such as Eiad “the Egyptian prince” Elazazy. At 12 years old this undefeated competitor is a two-time recognized Muay Thai champion.

Another of Rami Elite most impressive athletes is Sazlet “Pakistan zero” Tursonov. This 17 years old competitor is a two-time recognized Muay Thai champion produced out of Rami Elite gym.

When reached out to for a statement regarding his gyms journey and reputation, master trainer Rami Ibrahim stated “that the number one thing I want people to know about Rami Elite is that I referred to us as the United Nations of gyms; all are welcome no matter what age, color, creed, religion or sex; when you train at Rami Elite you train as a member of the family we have created. Inclusion is major key”!

For more information or to join the ranks of champions out of the “Rami Elite family” visit their website at www.ramielite.com.

Congratulations to master trainer Rami Ibrahim and Rami Elite this months WKA gym of the month.

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