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Level Up Boxing and Fitness
Bowie, MD

Coach Jason Farrell, after being the head striking coach at two MMA gyms for five years, building both programs up from the beginning, was ready to start his own program. He believed that it would allow him complete control over what was taught and where and when fighters competed. “I’m a detail guy. To me it’s all about technique and strategy. I teach my students HOW to fight, I teach them how to be able to think and adjust in the ring. You can go to any Martial Arts school in the world and they can teach you every move there is, but if they can’t teach you how to put them together you are wasting your time.”

Having opened in August 2013, Level Up has successfully past its one-year benchmark. Level Up has three top fighters who will all be making the transition to the professional ranks next year. Luther Smith, 3-1 in Muay Thai/Kickboxing won the 209 lb. Open Class WKA GLORY Rules division at the 2014 WKA North American Championships. He is also 4-0 with three knockouts as an amateur boxer and holds a State title in boxing as well. Jared Tipton is 6-1 in Kickboxing/Muay Thai and won the 125 lb. Open WKA GLORY Rules division at 2014 WKA North American Championships. Jared is also 1-0 in boxing. Patrick Rivera is 5-2 in Kickboxing/Muay Thai and is coming off a win at Lion Fight. Pat won the 2013 165 lb. WKA North American Championships. All three will be fighting at the WKA World Championships in Italy at the end of this month. Level Up also boasts Erin Jimenez, who will be a force in the 118-125 lb. divisions next year. Erin is currently 2-3 in her amateur career. Farrell anticipates that Jimenez will rise even higher after complete recovery from a knee injury.

Level Up believes in training fighters as individuals, taking all the variables about each fighter and determining how to guide them to being their best. Thus, fighters are able to reach their potential naturally.

Level Up is also a big family, supporting each other and helping each other get better every day. Committed to fellow teammates’ success, Level Up students and fighters show up to each other’s events to cheer and encourage, whether it be a fight, or a fitness competition, or adventure race. As Coach Farrell firmly believes, “If someone from the team is involved, you have the team’s support.”

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