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Capital MMA & Elite Fitness
Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Southern Maryland.

Owner: Jeremy Lafreniere
Website: http://www.CapitalMMA.com

Owner, Jeremy Lafreniere, began as a student of Royce Gracie in 1997 and is currently the only black belt under Royce Grace in Virginia. He opened Capital MMA & Elite Fitness in 2003, originally a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school. Since then, Capital MMA & Elite Fitness has evolved to include Muay Thai, MMA and CrossFit and has expanded to 4 facilities over Northern Virginia and lower Maryland. With the number of programs, facilities and classes that are offered, Capital MMA boasts nearly 70 instructors, all of them ensuring a friendly, fun and safe training environment for hobbyists and elite competitors alike.

Capital MMA & Elite Fitness has a ‘modern’ approach to training their fighters. They teach the pure arts of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and offer CrossFit as their strength and conditioning program. Coaches and athletes are expected to follow specific guidelines on training cycles, diet, weight cuts, rehydration and rest. With experienced fight managers, trained corners and competitive scaffolding through in-house BJJ tournaments and Muay Thai smokers, Capital MMA has produced numerous past and current fighters. This year at the 2013 WKA North American Tournament, Capital MMA brought one of the largest teams of fighters, with 22 registered competitors. Several of those competitors will be heading to Italy in October for the 2013 WKA World Championships. Notable fighters from Capital include Taylor Dixon, Iman Achhal, Mike Berhnard, Chad Malone, Ric Humphries, Jon Vinyard, Chris Piriz, Shane Suiker, Kirsten Murphy and Roland Barringer.

While Capital has a solid stable of competitors, they also ensure that all their member’s goals, whether for fun, fitness or performance, are regarded equally.

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