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John 'Big Sexy' Hurney
Hometown Manteca, California


First Name: John
Last Name: John 'Big Sexy' Hurney
City: Manteca
State: California
Zip: 95336
Country: United States of America

Date of Birth: 11/17/1982
Weight: 185lbs
Height: 6'2
Gym: Combat Sports Academy
Trainer: Kirian Fitzgibbons
Gym Address: 46400 Sierra Court, Suite A,
City: Dublin
State: CA
Zip: 94568
Country: USA

Gym Phone: 925.230.8442
Gym Email: csa.gym@gmail.com
Gym Website: www.csagym.com

How long have you been with this gym: Day one. (2009)

How long have you studied Martial Arts? 11 years

Amateur Record

Muay Thai Record : 11 W / 2 L / 0 KO's

MMA Record : 1 W / 0 L / 0 KO's

Last three fights

3. Triumphant 5 (October 13, 2018) FRMT/ Unanimous Decision

2. West Coast Elite (June 23rd, 2018)
MMA/ Unanimous Decision

3. AK Promotions (May 5th, 2012)
Muay Thai/ Unanimous Decision

Titles Attained :

WKA/ IKF World Cruiserweight Thaiboxing Champion

USMTO 2016 Division Champion

IKF US Super-heavyweight Champion

IKF West Coast heavyweight champion

USMTA Welterweight Champion

Primary Fighting Style : Muay Thai

Other Fighting styles : Boxing, wrestling, Ju Jitsu.

Began training at age 27

In 2007 John Hurney walked into a supplement store and saw an advertisement for an MMA gym offering free two-week trial memberships. It was during this two-week trial that John met Kirian Fitzgibbons who soon became his trainer. Eventually John moved on to Kirin's gym the Academy of Self Defense. After the two-week trial John never stopped training.

Hurney stated that he really liked sparring and kept getting better and better at it. Coach Kirian acknowledged his passion for this and before John knew it he was scheduled to compete in a 'smoker' aka preliminary fight on an upcoming card in California. John had so much fun competing he remembers being instantly addicted "it was so much fun I was happy when I was competing".

Growing up John always admired the fighting style of Mike Tyson. "how he carried himself into a fight; his mentality going into the fights inspired me".

John has immediate goals of getting another Muay Thai fight. He stated that he's "had really long breaks in between flights and wants to fight three or four times in 2019".

When asked about his gym coaches and teammates Hurney stated "he works out with several high level fighters that no one has ever heard of". Notable teammates include Eddy Ovasolvo and of course Johns trainer Kirian Firzgibbons.

In the true warriors spirit John is always training "I'm never not training"... John stated that "good cardio and sharpening all tools to get prepared for flights including lots of drills eating right and getting your mind and body prepared for battle".

For a living John is a Pharmaceutical device company specialist installing quality test equipment throughout the country for the company he works for.

For fun John enjoys hanging out with his son. He coaches kids basketball. Before getting involved in the fight world Hurney regularly played basketball for fun.

Hurney currently has nothing scheduled yet regarding any upcoming fights or title defenses.

He commented that his fighting style is unique because "I can switch up to a hybrid type stance and I move extremely well for a big guy".

Johns advice for any and all perspective fighters: "Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something. It's never too late. Just keep pushing even on the toughest days. The people that keep going are the successful ones".

The WKK would like to congratulate fighter John her and me for making history and becoming a dual champion on October 13th becoming WKA and IKF world cruiserweight amateur Thai boxing champion.

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