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Malcom Hill
Keansburg, NJ

First Name: Malcolm
Last Name: Hill
City: Keansburg
State: NJ
Zip: 07734
Country: United States of America

Date of Birth: 1/27/1991
Weight: 135lbs
Height: 5'6
Gym: The Institute Muay Thai
Trainer: Mike Burke
Gym Address: 45 Carr Ave
City: Keansburg
State: NJ
Zip: 07734
Country: USA

Gym Phone: 732.770.9560
Gym Email: TheInstituteMuayThai@gmail.com
Gym Website: theinstitutemuaythai.com

How long have you been with this gym?
4 years

How long have you studied martial arts?
18 years

Fight Experience

Amateur Record

Muay Thai Record: Wins 18, Losses 4, Draw or No Contest 1.

Last Three Fights

1.) 5/11/2018 (Lucky Strikes NYC)
AM Thai Boxing 135lbs
Vs Eric Castro

2.) 5/11/2018 (Lucky Strikes NYC)
Majority Decision
Amateur Thai Boxing 135lbs
Vs Charles Murray

3.) 5/11/2018 (Lucky Strikes NYC)

TKO Victory
Amateur Thai Boxing 135lbs
Vs Kenny Mediina

Titles (list titles and date won)

Friday Night Fights Champions Cup Tournament Winner, May 2018

WKA 140lbs Junior Welterweight Championship, March 2017

140 lbs USMTO open division tournament Champion, November 2017

1. What is the primary style of martial arts or fighting you practice?

Mauy Thai.

2. What other styles do you or have you practiced?

Wrestling, savate, taekwondo.

3. How old were you when you started training martial arts?

Eight years old; studying taekwondo.

4. What got you into martial arts to begin with?

My parents got me involved at a local recreation centers program as an extracurricular activity.

5. What made you want to start competing?

Trying to figure out if what I was learning would be able to be applied in practice...the practicality of what I was learning.

6. Who are your heroes in the martial arts world?

Bruce Lee, Senchai, Bernard Hopkins Ojen Topic, Joe Nattawat, Nong-O.

7. What are your current goals?

Achieve an appropriate division...fight for the US at the I.F.M.A. and make the WKA world championship teams.

8. How do you train for a fight?

I do a lot of sprints. I focus on core balance and functional movement in preparation for a fight.

9. What do you do for a living?

I am the martial arts instructor at Rutgers university.

I also work as a trainer at a wellness center at a hospital working with average patience who are rehab conditioning and undergoing physical movement training.

10. What else besides martial arts do you do for enjoyment?

I like hiking trails, walking creeks, and running. While indoors I love playing video games or looking up subjects that I am interested in.

11. Any exciting upcoming fights you’re looking forward to?

Warriors cup in New York City this July into major tournaments I hope to compete in.

12. What makes your style or training unique?

My style of training is to increase the amount of sprints that I do daily. I focus on core balance and functional movement to make myself more fluid to my opponent during the fight.

13. What’s your advice for new fighters?

"The biggest thing that I've learned is not to train on making weight...focus on the fighter in front of you...fighters focus so much on making weight that they lose the enjoyment of the process...learn your body first and making weight will be more fluid...so many fighters fade away because they aren't steady...love what you do...when you love what you do you are steady...but when you 'weight cut' too much it's psychologically stressful on you...and mentally stressful on you...and you lose the love of the game. FOCUS".

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