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Kit Fung
Flushing, NY

First Name: Kit “The Little Dragon”
Last Name: Fung
Weight: 105lbs Height: 5’1” Female

Gym: RingSport Muay Thai Trainer: Eric Ruiz
Gym Address: 12-64a 150th Street, Whitestone, NY, 11357, USA
Gym Phone: (718) 357-4813
Gym Email: ringsportmuaythai@gmail.com
Gym Website: https://www.ringsportthaiboxing.com
How long have you been with this gym? 2 years
How long have you studied martial arts? 10 years

Fight Experience

Amateur Record

Muay Thai Record: Win 13 Loss 8 KO 0

Last Three Fights Date/Location Type/Division Result

Event: Friday Night Fights (Muay Thai, Full Rules, 5x2 min rounds, 101.2lbs)
Location: New York, NY
Date: 12/15/17
Result: Unanimous Decision Win (WKA Title Win)

Event: Killer Instinct Championship Kickboxing, Stand and Bang 3 (Muay Thai, Full Rules, 5x2 min rounds, 105lbs)
Location: Queens, NY
Date: 9/29/17
Result: Unanimous Decision Win (Title Win)

Event: Killer Instinct Championship Kickboxing, Stand and Bang 2 (Glory Rules, 5x2 min rounds, 108lbs)
Location: Queens, NY
Date: 7/28/17
Result: Unanimous Decision Win (Title Win)

Titles (list titles and date won)

WKA US Full Rules Muay Thai 101.2lbs Champ 12/15/17
Killer Instinct Championship Kickboxing Full Rules Muay Thai 105lbs Champ 9/29/17
Killer Instinct Championship Kickboxing Glory Rules 108lbs Champ 7/28/17
2016 WKA US Nationals Tournament Open Full Rules Muay Thai Division – Silver 5/22/16
Warriors Cup Full Rules Muay Thai 105lbs Champ 2X 4/23/16 and 10/24/15
2013 WKA US Nationals Tournament Open Full Rules Muay Thai 110lb Champ 3/10/13
2012 WKA World Championships, K1 110lbs – Bronze 9/24/12

1. What is the primary style of martial arts or fighting you practice?
I practice Muay Thai.

2. What other styles do you or have you practiced?
I’ve only trained in Muay Thai.

3. How old were you when you started training martial arts?
I started training Muay Thai at 22 years old.

4. What got you into martial arts in the first place?
When I was working part-time as a physical therapist aide, one of the patients suggested I try Muay Thai. He gave me a flyer from the Wat Gym. I checked out Church Street Boxing Gym’s program first. The guy behind the counter saw that I was unsure of myself and intimidated, and asked, “Are you looking for like a fitness kickboxing class or Muay Thai?” Haha. I took my first Muay Thai class and I was hooked. My whole body was sore and my feet were blistered, but I went back the next day for more!

5. What made you want to start competing?
It wasn’t until I finished school that I started training regularly at 2011. I would watch the sparring class from the sidelines and had an itch to try it. It took a long time before I mustered up the courage to ask for permission to spar. Coach Eric Ruiz noticed my potential and prepared me for my first fight at 2012 North American WKA Combat Sports Championship Tournament.

6. Who are your heroes in the martial arts world?

7. Who are your heroes outside of the martial arts world?

8. What are your current goals?
My first fight was supposed to be a check off the bucket list. Now, after having competed in over 20 amateur fights and achieving some major titles, the natural progression would be to test the waters in professional competition when the right opportunity comes.

9. Tell us a little about your gym, coaches, and teammates?
I currently train out of RingSport Muay Thai in Queens, NY under Coach Eric Ruiz. Eric is a retired professional Muay Thai fighter and has practiced and taught Muay Thai and other martial arts disciplines. Eric has been my coach and in my corner since my first fight back in 2011. We have a small, but mighty fight team. One of my main training partners is Jillian "Lionheart" DeCoursey, Invicta FC Fighter, who has helped me tremendously my past couple of fights.

10. How do you train for a fight?
Fight camp usually starts 6-8 weeks out, and consists of running, strength and conditioning, sparring, and of course, a lot of bagwork or pads with my coach.

11. What do you do for a living?
I am a Physical Therapist at a subacute rehabilitation facility. I get patients back on their feet so they can safely return to their home environment.

12. What else besides martial arts do you do for enjoyment?
I love my dog and enjoy taking care of her after a long day of work and training.

13. Any exciting upcoming fights you’re looking forward to?

14. What makes your style or training unique?
I like engaging my opponents in a very technical bout. And as always, I like to throw in a smile here and there in the middle of the fight. When the crowd sees that you are having fun, the crowd does too!

15. What’s your advice for new fighters?
There is no substitute for hard work!

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